It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has left the Free Cities of Volantis and Tyrosh in ashes, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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All members of the Great Houses are listed. Not every member of every other House is provided, as there are absolutely way too many to include. Outside of the Royal Family and Great Houses, you are not limited to only those that are listed! Complete creativity is allowed and encouraged! Please note, as well, that all face-claims are open and those few provided for open canons are just suggestions!

the canon list

no reserves allowed! battle to the death instead!


Rhaegar Targaryen. 43. Josh Upshaw

Known affectionately as the Silver Prince or the Dragon Prince, Rhaegar has been widely beloved by the realms since his birth. Inherently bookish, somber and a lover of music, the young prince was known to make ladies and even their lords swoon with the sound of his harp. Growing up he became an incredibly talented warrior, rarely entering tournaments but always winning them when he did. Wearing the crown after nearly twenty years has only brought him even closer to his people, and though much has happened since the death of his father, he continues to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Lyanna Targaryen. 34.

She-wolf and mother of dragons, Lyanna Stark has been the heart of the Seven Kingdoms and the royal family for nearly two decades. Though many doubted her when she first rose to the throne, though many forsook the crown she wore after the deaths of Elia and Rhaenys, Lyanna grew to become the ruler the realms so very much needed. Untraditional in her ways and almost wild in demeanor, she showed a strength that had been lacking since the Mad King took helm, and even saw to it that laws of inheritance were altered in favor of woman successors. Her disappearance in the North and subsequent presumed death in 301 AC has rocked the Seven Kingdoms and royal family, and will likely leave a stain on the King's reign for many centuries to come.

Aegon Targaryen. 21.

The eldest son and only living child of the marriage between his mother Elia Martell and father Rhaegar, Aegon lived a life as the educated, revered and highly protected crown Prince of Dragonstone. Bright and clever, he grew up at the hands of Ser Arthur Dayne, Barristan Selmy and Jon Connington, and has learned all the ways of which to be a good, just and fierce monarch after his father. Betrothed at sixteen to his half-sister Visenya, finally married at nineteen, the two are often found traveling the kingdoms together on dragon-back to enjoy the homes and hospitality of the other lords.

Matarys Targaryen. 20. Mario Ermito

First child and eldest son of the union between Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar, Matarys has inherited every bit of Northern blood over that of his Valyrian ancestors. With dark curls and grey eyes, Matarys has been given the new Targaryen seat of the Tower of Joy, and is even styled as the Prince of the Tower. He was the first of the dragon riders alongside his older brother and has begun to show signs of having developed an even deeper bond with his mount… is it possible the blood of the First Men in Matarys’ veins is as strong as his blood of Old Valyria?

Valarr Targaryen. 20. Clark Bockleman

Second son of Lyanna Stark and twin of Matarys, Valarr is the spitting image of his father. Silvery haired and violet eyed, he is larger than his twin and perhaps even more charming than Aegon. A fierce warrior, the young prince is sometimes boorish in battle yet highly graceful with his actions, a trait likely inherited from his mentor Arthur Dayne, and takes great pride in having spent most of his education and upbringing right in the cast of his father’s shadow. Betrothed to Alea Lannister and given the newly rebuilt palace of Summerhall as his seat, Valarr is known as the Prince of Summerhall and rules amongst the Lords of the Dornish Marches. Though given a dragon egg as a child, Valarr struggled for many years to see it hatched, living with it dormant up until he was seventeen years old.

Visenya Targaryen. 19.

The first daughter between Lyanna and Rhaegar and the first girl since the past death of Rhaenys Targaryen, Visenya was welcomed with all the pomp and ceremony the crown prince was. Her name day celebration brought men and women from each corner of the realm, and it was not long after she was born was a dragon egg of deep violet with gold swirls thrust into the cradle beside her. Dark haired like her mother but purple eyed like her father, Visenya has grown to be the beautiful epitome of both parents and both regions she hails from. As cold as winter and as ruthless as fire, the young Princess makes for a bold match for not only her betrothed and half-brother Aegon but for the rest of the realms, as well.

Rhaenna Targaryen. 18.

Short and sweet, Rhaenna is all that a little princess should be. She is nurturing where her brothers are reckless, and is graceful where her sister is deliberate. Named for both of her parents, Princess Rhaenna can often be found with her nose buried into the pages of various tomes and volumes of history. Much like her father, she has spent much of her life reading and reading some more, intrigued by the histories of the realm and even more entranced by her two opposite ancestries. Gifted with a melodic singing voice and a love for a certain silver-stringed harp, the light haired and icy eyed princess is her family's heart. Given a dragon egg when she was young, the little Princess has not shown much interest in seeing it hatch, and instead fancies herself as a legendary rider of direwolves.

Aelix Targaryen. 17.

Youngest son and for many years the last child of Rhaegar and Lyanna, Aelix is sometimes wild and temperamental, hot headed and even harder to please. His humor is selective and ill-timed at best, and as the youngest of the royal family, the Prince cannot seem to sit still for long, and has even had a difficult time bonding with his own dragon. Though clearly highly intelligent and acutely receptive, this also makes Aelix very sensitive to his surroundings, and often times had to be sent to his chambers to rest as a child. Now coming into manhood, his father is doing what he can to groom him into the great Prince he can be. Appointing him to Deputy Warden of the Kingswood, and recently promoting him to Commander of the City Watch, many are beginning to hold their breath for the youngest dragon.
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Arthur Dayne. 47.

One of the most legendary knights of the Seven Kingdoms, wielder of Dawn and Sword of the Morning, Arthur has been the closest companion of King Rhaegar since they both squired as boys under Gerold Hightower. First a Kingsguard to King Aerys, only to forsake his vows to the madman in favor of the Silver Prince, Arthur has seen himself elevated to the mantle of Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and remains an integral part of the Small Council. Trusted with leading the royal army beside the Hand as much as he is trusted with the raising of the royal children, it is well known the current Sword of the Morning is but one of the three men that truly rule the kingdoms.

Viserys Targaryen. 27.

Second child of the Mad King and brother to Rhaegar Targaryen, Viserys has lived a life full of knowledge and training, guided by hands like his older brother, like Arthur Dayne and Barristan the Bold, nurtured by his late mother and honored by his young sister Daenerys. Fully capable with a sword and a fine dragon rider, Prince Viserys, despite a slightly short temper, was emboldened with a White Cloak to serve at Rhaegar's side. Whether or not he remains true to the vows of celibacy, Viserys and his dragon remain one of the many forces helping hold the Seven Kingdoms together.

Barristan Selmy. 66.

The longest-serving knight of the Kingsguard, Barristan the Bold has seen much and more throughout his long life. After having earned his spurs at the age of ten and six, knighted by King Aegon V himself, it was not long until Barristan began etching a name for himself. By twenty and three he was named to the Kingsguard under King Jaehaerys, slew Maelys the Monstrous in single combat during the War of the Ninepenny Kings, and even served faithfully under the Mad King. Though quick to vow his allegiance to Rhaegar, Barristan remains one of the most fearsome knights and loyal servants of his time.

Richard Lonmouth. 40.

Known in his youth as eccentric and gregarious, Richard Lonmouth was known to always have a belly full of ale and a woman on his arm. When he managed to win against Robert Baratheon at a drinking competition, many never thought he would end up in the bloody Kingsguard. Once a squire to Prince Rhaegar, he was one of the few chosen to attend he and Lyanna in Dorne during the War of the Seven, and because of his diligence, earned a spot on the most coveted brotherhood of the realms.

Oswell Whent. 40.

Though a brother of the Kingsguard, Ser Oswell is known for his calmer nature and his black humor; something that certainly sets him apart from the rest of the guard. He is rarely disturbed or offended, almost as if he takes pride in knowing his vows separate him from the petty qualms of the Seven Kingdoms. Skilled with an axe and gifted with an eye of a hawk, Ser Oswell loves competing in tourneys with his bow and arrow - and winning them, as well.

Garth Hightower. 38.

Nephew to the late Ser Gerold "The White Bull" Hightower, perhaps one can not be too surprised to see him on the Kingsguard after his uncle. Having earned his spot on the guard after gallantly winning the tournament at Highgarden when he was all of nineteen years, Garth has become a formidable, if not fierce protector of the royal family. Impulsive but not reckless, his family knows he has turned out to be a better Kingsguard than he ever would a husband or lord.

Lucas Blackwood. 25.

Second son of six other children, young Lucas always knew the timing of his birth would work against him. While his brother was set to one day rule Raventree, Lucas was doomed to a life as the spare, a life of obscurity alongside his other siblings. Glory was all he truly wanted. Recognition. When he was sworn to the Kingsguard at a ripe age of twenty and one, he had never felt such pride, such relief that there was finally a place for him. Mostly found in the attendance of Prince Aegon and Visenya, some wonder if he will one day be appointed Aegon's Lord Commander.

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Lothor Celtigar. 52.

After the mysterious disappearance of his wife, there isn't much more talk that circulates around the Celtigars. Claw Isle is secluded, and they go on about their daily lives. While the children are the only people that are truly seen in the public, it is rumored that Lothor is not as well as he once was. Always the recluse, hating the idea of a stranger on his island. Trips to Claw Isle are short and sweet, but there is a thought on the breeze that maybe the Lord of Claw Isle isn't as well off as he would have everyone believe.

Nyssa Celtigar. 20.

Ever since Nyssa was born, all she had wanted to do was be older. Often insisting to sit in on long council meetings and watching her father organize trips. It is said that she has been writing the formal documents of Claw Isle ever since she could wield a quill. Everyone in her family knows Nyssa has been running the household since her father has taken ill. Taking his meetings and sending letters signed in his own scrawl. Methodical, determined and calculating, it has been said that the heir of the Isle was born in the wrong body.

Aemon Celtigar. DECEASED.

Clumsy and lanky, Aemon does not make the best lord on land as he does on sea. Seemingly always without his land-legs, he is known to frequently drop things of import, clash into walls and even other people. On a ship, however, he feels stronger and powerful, almost ready to disinherit himself from the idea of lordship in favor for the idea of living his life at sea instead. Without the nurturing hand of his mother, where the world takes Aemon is only for the gods to know.

Lorae Celtigar. 18.

Lorae has always been the child that was ignored in the Celtigar household. The one no one knew what to do with. Everyone was either too busy or did not have time to stop and play with her. The child knows her maid better than she does her own father. She only sees her siblings at meals, as Nyssa and Aemon both have duties and responsibilities of the day. Lorae is always forgotten, underfoot or in the way of something bigger, and has taken to spending more and more time with the servants. Which is exceedingly disreputable for a lady of her stature, yet her ongoings have been kept from her father thus far. Yet she fears for a future in which he would find out. So she keeps the secrets close to her chest... not that anyone ever asks her what she does anyway.

Daeron Velaryon. 42. DECEASED.

Having served as the Master of Ships since his father Daemon's death during the War of the Seven, the current Lord of the Tides is as cultured on land as he is at sea. Though with many unacknowledged bastards conceived in his youth and a certain mishap concerning his only legitimized son Aurane and the King Rhaegar, Daeron was able to secure himself again as a close comrade and cousin of the Iron Throne. While he inherited Driftmark over his female cousin, he still sometimes struggles to manage the many duties on his shoulders, and remains the commander of the largest fleet in Westeros. Playing a large role in the capture of Balon Greyjoy all those years ago, Lord Daeron is a widely respected figure at court.

Jacaerys Velaryon. 23.

Not born as heir to Driftmark, it has certainly shown in the first son of Daeron Velaryon. When his great-uncle was killed in the War of the Seven, it left his father as the Lord of Driftmark - making the wanderlusting Jacaerys its heir. Much like his sire, Jace has shirked many of his duties as future Lord of the Tides, preferring the solace of his ship as it takes him to Tarth, to Dorne, even across the Narrow Sea to Essos. He has loved many women and may even have a few bastards he doesn't know about, that does little in changing the heir from his ways. It is no wonder many whisper that his younger sibling Lucerys would make a better lord.

Lucerys Velaryon. 22.

Not always the shining star as a child, it was no surprise once Lord Daeron shipped him off to the Westerlands to squire in service to House Serrett. When he was but a boy he followed around his older brother like a lost puppy; all he wanted was to be just like the confident, strong-willed Jacaerys. But, the older they grew, the more he realized he'd never be his brother, and would never come to approve of his bastard sibling Aurane. After he went off to squire for Lord Serrett, his hero-worship of his brother swiftly faded. It was only then that he seemed to shine in his own right, fostering a new, stronger brotherhood with the heir to Silverhill himself, and growing to earn the appointment of Commander of the Seawatch. Now married to Princes Rhaenna and Lord of the newly-restored High Tide, finally has the admiral found his place.

Coraly Velaryon. 20.

Energetic and erratic, Coraly's ideas for her future differ greatly from that of her father's. Born with an affinity for the ocean and the ships used to sail it, she has learned much from her brothers and her Celtigar cousins. Rebuffing the idea of a husband as much as she turns away wearing a dress, she is headstrong in her mannerisms and at times can be one of the greatest headaches for her family. Only with enough scorn can this girl finally get a hold of herself and behave like a proper lady.

Laena Velaryon. 18.

Dreamy and somewhat aloof, Laena is very unlike the rest of her siblings. Though proud of her heritage as a member of House Velaryon, it is not the sea where Laena finds her calling, and it is not on the deck of a ship that she feels most at home. Always lost in her own head, fantasizing about a life away from Driftmark, away from the ocean, she wonders daily when her father will finally send her to court.

Gordon Massey. 27. Open face claim

Everyone knows it was Ava that was meant to inherit Stonedance, she was born of three girls and the strongest of them all, after a hastey marriage to her cousin, it was only then that it was decided who the lord was. Taking up that right was Gordon, both born of an ancient house, descended from the first men. Many rumour that Gordon is more North than he is a southerner. Known for his illustrious wolfhounds that litter his cousins land more than humans. The dogs run wild and the lord does nothing to stop them, it's fair to say crime has been down in that area, but there is more attacks on his people than any other.

Ava Massey. 23. Open face claim

Ava was born to lead, it was in her blood. Raised from youth with a sharp and demanding head on her shoulders there was little that this young miss would not do. With a firm but fair hand, it was understood that she was going to lead the people of Stonedance with all the courage that her father did before her. When he passed by heart problems in the night, it was understood that his one wish was to see his daughter married to Gordon. Ava fought till her last breath down the aisle, and since the ceremony she has not been seen since. One has to wonder what happened to the Lady of Stonedance, and how long she can be silenced for.

Rylan Rosby. 25. Open face claim

Rylan Rosby was never a strong boy, by any means. He was always weak and frail, his mother seldom let him out in fear that he would catch his death. A trait that seems to have stuck with him throughout his life. Forever the cautious man, he always counts his pickings twice before even considering making a deal. Some say he is slow witted, but there is never another word for a cautious man these days. Perhaps a fine woman would do well to light a fire under his cauldron.

Shayla Staunton. 29. open face claim

The Staunton's have always been notorious for supporting the underdogs, even now it is rumoured that its lady is paying bandits to slip in and out of the pass. The ones that harbours goods and also has the tendency to disagree with the crown. Shayla is known for watching her own back, and with a husband as incapable as her own, there are rumours floating around that the lady Staunton has developed a soft spot for the people across the Narrow Sea. Choosing to lay with them, their pillow talk is the thing to start wars, if only the right person were to hear them.

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Robert Baratheon. 40.

A soldier by name and warrior by action, Robert Baratheon was fierce, black-bearded and huge in his youth. Once betrothed to Lyanna Stark, he helped lead an entire kingdom-wide rebellion against the Mad King, and saw her married to Rhaegar Targaryen instead. Given Cersei Lannister's hand in marriage in turn, the two have ruled the Stormlands with the other two Baratheon brothers, and is oft the home of erected tourneys that Robert favors so much.

Cersei Baratheon. 37.

Once known as the Light of the West, Cersei Lannister was one of the renowned beauties of the realm as a flowering teenager and young woman. So esteemed was she that her hand was offered in marriage to Prince Rhaegar, and although refused, her pride was that of a lion's, unbreakable, and she has risen far as Lady Paramount of the Stormlands over the past two decades.

Steffon Baratheon. 21.

Named for his grandfather, Steffon is yet another continuation of the large and dark-haired sons of the Baratheon line. Where his father favors the warhammer, Steffon enjoys the longsword like his uncle Jaime, and is usually the winner of his father's common melee tournaments. Boisterous but pragmatic when needed, he is a good friend of the Stark family -like his father- and is widely esteemed as a very capable knight across the region.

Argella Baratheon. 19.

Dark-haired, buxom and beautiful, Argella portrays every confidence of both House Baratheon and Lannister. With her father's looks, she carries her mother's grace and sharp tongue, and is often times almost insufferable with it. Though well-mannered in the public eye, Argella is still pampered and ultimately spoiled, commanding and charming she is apple of her fathers eye - a true daughter of the Stormlands.

Joffrey Baratheon. 18.

Sticking out like a sore thumb amongst his older siblings, Joffrey has a head of golden curls and forest green eyes. Lean and tall for his age, he does not wield larger weapons with such ease, and prefers an archer's bow or a hedge knight's shortsword. Not as enthusiastic about his father's tournaments like his older brother, the youngest Baratheon finds himself more in the company of his mother and uncle Stannis, watching them help manage the ruling of the Stormlands from a distance.

Stannis Baratheon. 38. DECEASED.

Unsmiling Stannis is the Baratheon that was born just a year too late. Had he been born a year earlier, it would be him sitting on Storm's End. He's never made a secret of his disapproval of his brother's method's. It seems only to irk him further when his suggestions are met with a laugh and a jape. Worse yet, Renly seems to be following in their older brother's footsteps, moreso than his own. That always was particularly disappointing, as Stannis was primarily responsible for raising their younger brother.

Alsa Baratheon. 33.

Alsa Baratheon, formerly Ryger. Their marriage was proposed as a reward, for House Ryger played an integral role in the revolt against the Mad King. Robert took a liking to young Robin, it resulted in the marriage of their siblings. Alsa is a demure, quiet and religious woman. Seemingly frightened of everything, most people swear they have never heard her speak a word in their entire time knowing her. Gentle and softhearted, most people try to shelter her from the outside world, to keep her happy in the deluded fairy tale she lived in. Until of course, she married Stannis.

Renly Baratheon. 24. Deceased.

Renly is a handsome and charismatic man, winning friends easily, but he also strikes some people as frivolous. While he enjoys tourneys, it's not in the usual way one would think. Being a spectator is more his colours. While he enjoys hunting for game, the small folk say he is the spitting image of his older brother, Robert. He is beloved by the small folk for his looks and charm, and some say he is rumoured to be quite the talented sword-swallower.

Jon Connington. 41.

Hand, friend and unblooded brother of King Rhaegar, Jon Connington has lived most of his life away from his ancestral seat of Griffin's Roost. Having squired alongside Rhaegar and Arthur Dayne, he has known King's Landing to be his adopted home, and the Red Keep his shared castle. Though it was once widely rumored that Jon had a different sort of love for "his Silver Prince," the Handship has only made them even better comrades, and the Seven Kingdoms thrive beneath them because of it. After nearly twenty years of both ruling as second in command to the King and living as a husband to Laycee Tyrell, it seems Jon's wild thirst for glory and triumph has honed into a more wizened and tactical desire for long term victories.

Laycee Connington. 37.

A Tyrell by birth, Laycee grew up a life pampered and softened by her family's wealth. When she was chosen to be one of the new Queen Lyanna's ladies in waiting, she was convinced the gods had been smiling down on her. But then the girl stepped too far, reached too high, aiming for the affection of King Rhaegar and earning nothing but a life away from court as Lady of Griffin's Roost. Now, years later and a mother of three, Lady Laycee is a farcry from the silly girl she used to be. Now it's anyone's guess what she is truly like.

Devan Connington. 20.

All thought the firstborn son of Jon and Laycee Connington would not survive the night. When they woke to him still struggling to nurse with his mother, they were convinced he would not survive the week. Then a turn of the moon came and went, and Devan was still here, suckling just enough to survive. He was tiny and weak, yet despite all the predictions of the maesters and despite the normal, healthy birth of his brother, he grew twice the size of his sibling by ten and was well on his way to becoming as able-bodied as his father by fifteen. Still a squire beneath Arthur Dayne at King's Landing, the other lords know he is just one act away from earning his knighthood, but wonder, why does he seem to spend all of his time in the company of other boys rather than any ladies?

Desmond Connington. Deceased.

Unlike his older brother, Desmond was loud and robust as a child, and was very early on considered the likely future lord if his sickly sibling should unsurprisingly pass. His spirit is loving and large, and where his brother may be more focused on earning his knighthood, Desmond is entirely more family oriented at their home of Griffin's Roost. He laughs aloud where his brother only quietly smirks, ladies seem to overly enjoy him where his brother is choosingly bereft of a girl's touch, and his jests come with an intelligent wit to them that anyone who is a friend of Desmond speaks affectionately of him. There is even a quiet rumor that he fancies the young Princess Rhaenna, and though the girl hardly seems to notice him, someone like Desmond is difficult to deter.

Denyse Connington. 18.

Golden-haired and blue-eyed, Denyse clearly takes after her mother in looks than she does her father. She even sounds like her mother, has very similar mannerisms, and carries a nurturing soul that would put many loving women to shame. Most swear she would never harm a fly, and others are convinced she wouldn't even know how. The combination of her youth mixed with her sheltered innocence makes for a lovely girl, but one that would be all too easily corrupted if allowed.

Trystan Staedmon. 32.

House Staedmon is not known for doing things half heartedly, they are passionate beings of lust and love. Known for his great skill of hunting, his shot with a longbow is infamous for killing a deer without damaging any of the meat. Almost as hot blooded as their cousins in Dorne, it is assumed that more Dornish sand has been swept into this young mans head than sense. It will take a lot for him to win over his people, but with his mothers head on his shoulders, he should prove brave and true.

Lionel Penrose. 28.

The new Lord of the Parchments has a secret, one that, if aired would land him in very deep and unforgiving waters. He has a knack for keeping secrets, especially ones that would taint the family name. His father has always hounded him to be perfect and he has inherited the innate ability to ignore things when they don't go his way. Lionel's secret is that he owns a slave trade, running beneath the cliff of the Parchments. If any of this comes to light, the lord will surely loose more than his hand. But tight lips keep secrets, and he is willing to go the distance in order to keep the small fortune he is making alive.

Brienne Tarth. 23.

Heiress of Starfall, Brienne was raised without the touch of a mother and only the hard guidance of her father. Though Lord Tarth always meant well, his daughter was not the small bird his wife had been; she was unfeminine, stocky in build and taller than most boys her age. Teased and mocked throughout her life, Brienne has grown up wearing a skin of armor as much as she does actual armor. Perhaps more of a true knight than many men, she is a loyal friend to have and a fierce opponent in the ring.

Beric Dondarrion. 27

Also known as the Lightning Lord because of his sigil, Beric is known for his dashing looks and large black courser he rides into tournaments. In his youth he enjoyed the idea of glamor more than ever achieving it, but since the War of the Seven, Beric has been given purpose and hardship, and in addition to his fresh betrothal to Allyria Dayne, time will only tell what kind of man battle has carved him into.

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Doran Martell. 55.

The reigning Prince of Dorne for the past two decades, Doran has introduced policies and methods not yet seen before in memorable history. He is slow to act and slower to distribute judgement, a trait completely different than the quick-to-strike, hotheadedness of his people. But he is just as deadly as any viper in the tall grass, and the sharpness of his mind and the calculative processes of his thoughts belies his oncoming fits of gout. Though some may doubt his withering strength, none doubt his ability to rule.

Oberyn Martell. 44.

Venomous, fiery and deceptive, the Red Viper is all that Doran is not. Strong, quick, sometimes vengeful and brash. Some people of Dorne believe Oberyn should have been the firstborn, while those north of the Red Mountains thank the Seven that Doran was born first. Well-traveled, educated and sharp, Oberyn is the epitome of a true Dornishman, and the royal Martell blood in his veins only make him even more pompous. Despite these qualities, though, Oberyn has always held one virtue close to his heart -- fatherhood.

Arianne Martell. 28.

Set to one day rule the whole of Dorne, Princess Arianne is the pure embodiment of a Dornishwoman. Buxom and dark haired, fierce and passionate, she is perhaps much more like her adventurous uncle Oberyn than she is her quiet, passive father. Some say she is simply too much for a man to marry, and some wonder when Doran will finally force her to obey his commands. Though short in stature, her attitude makes up for whatever height she lacks.

Quentyn Martell. 20. DECEASED.

When Quentyn was born, it was as though each person had to struggle to paint a smile on his face. Features as if carved from iron with the hint of flesh. He is the most sombre Martell, some jest it was because Dornish law stole his birth right away from him. Quentyn dedicates himself to everything he does, yet while the Prince of Dorne is rarely seen in the limelight unless he is with his kin, there are rumours and ongoing murmurs of what the Prince does to occupy his time. Only one thing is certain, whatever it is must be hidden at all costs.

Trystane Martell. 18.

Barely a man, Trystane might well be more charming than both of his siblings combined. He has an easy nature, and a smile he shares freely. He doesn't have the raw attraction that his sister exudes, but many believe he'll grow into it. These days he's thin and lanky, still growing into his body. But he shows promise with a sword and is well liked by all. That cutting Martell danger seems to have skipped this generation, but there is no doubt that Trystane has something new to offer his family.

Obara Sand. 30.

Born of the blade, Obara Sand is as fierce as they come. Sharp and tempered steel, this woman is strength defined. From studying her father, she has long since surpassed being depicted as "Skillful" with her favoured spear. Obara is a weapon herself, hotheaded, strong willed and tough as old leather, Obara is the warrior that all fear on the battlefield across from them, and all allies want on their side. Loyal to the very bones that lay beneath her skin, Obara is quick to argue and slow to forgive. Where she lacks the obvious beauty that her sisters may possess, Obara makes up for it in other pursuits.

Nymeria Sand. 29.

Said to be as fair as a maid that steps from a mans imaginings, Lady Nym has hair as blank as ink and softer than silk. That she is as slender as a sapling with a figure to die for (and few have). Praised for her beauty throughout Dorne, she is no less deadly than her older sister. Often said that she can conceal more than a dozen knives on her person at a time, devious as they come. Nymeria is like a sip of whiskey, smooth to take in and behold, even warm for a touch, but the aftermath that this woman can wrought is often underestimated.

Tyene Sand. 26.

Tyene is the summer beauty that Northerners are often surprised to find in Dorne. With hair the colour of golden wheat and gaze the hue of the clearest skies, she is a sight to behold in herself. With a heart shaped face, Tyene looks as sweet as lemon cakes, her hands have wrought as much destruction as any of her sisters, closely bound, if not by blood then by soul to her cousin Arianne. Tyene, like the rest of her, took after her father in different ways. The daughter of a septa, her hand is well versed in poison, as cunning as a snake but as pious as a Septa. Tyene is often described as treacherous. You wouldn't see her attack coming before it was too late, if you saw it at all.

Sarella Sand. 21. Kelly Gale

Sarella is one of the quieter Snakes, yet no less deadly. Her mother is a captain from the Summer Isles, and a powerful woman in her own right. Sarella is known for her insatiable curiosity and pushing the boundaries for where she is not supposed to be. With a head for knowledge, and lust for more Sarella never attempted to be anything other than what the sand, earth and her father had taught her to be. Having spent a year aboard her mothers ship, her feet never truly seemed to hit the ground once she returned home. Skipping all over the realms, it is well known that this Sand Snake has a calculative demeanour, an affinity for her bow... and also for Oldtown.

Ellaria Sand. 41.

A bastard of the late Lord Harmen Uller, Ellaria has proudly distinguished herself in Dorne as an illegitimate woman with more wit and grace than a highborn lady of the realm. Her tongue is quick and her laughter is easy, and she has won the heart of Oberyn Martell as both a longtime paramour and mother of his four youngest daughters. With a gentle heart but a brave soul, her particular sense of beauty and sensuous flair is exotic and eye-catching. She has always been a most enjoyable presence in any room.

Alrik Dayne. 49.

Lord of Starfall and strongly disliked by the King, Alrik has never been one for standards. As a boy he fostered a deep love for the Princess Elia, and was even once considered a suitor for her hand in marriage. Passed over instead for Prince Rhaegar, Alrik never let go of his love for the Dornish princess, and continued to long for her from afar. It was not until he had the gall to actually kiss Princess Elia whilst she carried Rhaegar's child was he banished from court entirely. Only his sister Ashara's arranged marriage to Tywin Lannister forced him from rising up in rebellion after Elia's murder.

Alessia Dayne. 40.

It has long since been rumoured that Starfall would have it reached its ruin years ago were it not for the mind of its Lady. Never loved by a husband who was more enamoured by a ghost. Alessia left him to his hand and it seemed by the will of the Gods did she finally fall pregnant, and with twins none the less. Alessia is a strong woman, born from the wealth of Volantis itself. She has made a life for herself, and is a forced to be reckoned with as the lady of Starfall. It is often said by the knights of the household, if it is ale you wish, seek out Alrik. But if its answers you seek, they lay with the lady Alessia.

Allyria Dayne. 27.

Allyria Dayne, the youngest sister of Alrik, Ashara and Arthur Dayne, never did know her parents. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father passed away when she was barely five. Practically raised by her eldest sibling, Allyria had all the love a child could need. As a girl, she was betrothed to a Dornish noble who was killed in an outbreak of plague. Many expected the man to be replaced with a lord of the Westerlands, what with her sister's position at Casterly Rock. It was only this year that a match was finally secured to Beric Dondarrion.

Atius Dayne. 19.

With his head stuck in the clouds, Atius has been hearing stories of his uncle before he could walk. Long before he could carry the weight, he has imagined the great sword of his house being placed within his hands. Some say it was unfair to place such a burden on his shoulders, yet his father has been breathing life into this dream for him for as long as he can remember. The time he spends in the training yard is sapped from his lessons. A man of action, he can hardly sit still long enough to hold a pen within his hand, a remarkable swordsman, even at this young age. He is the gem of his fathers eye, this has done much to inflate his ego as it has his determination.

Alva Dayne. 19.

It is said that where her brother received the brawn, Alva received the brains of the pairing. Yet simply not complacent with that, she always strived for more. Knowing in her heart that she has more sense than her brother, that she would be a better leader than he, it was not long before she bent to pick up the sword beside him. Mocked by her peers, where the dedication her brother posed to the sword, his twin placed into all. Knowing that it would take more than her wit to get her Starfall, it was up to her to prove herself. However, the shadow her brother cast in her fathers eyes was surely overwhelming. But Alva has never turned away from a challenge, even if it is one her brother will never see coming.

Ysera Manwoody. 20.

The only daughter of House Manwoody, a proud and ancient Dornish house descended from their own kings, Ysera is known to be brash, headstrong and willful, true to the hot blood that runs in her veins. It is not something that has ever hindered her, however... having focused intently on her academics as a child, Ysera is a very knowledgeable woman who, though sometimes snobbish and pretentious, would make a fine heir had she been her father's firstborn. She is very independent with a strong head on her shoulders, and like any Dornishwoman, can be quite intimidating to one not used to their ways and customs. Newly married to Prince Matarys of the Tower of Joy, many hold their breath to see what sort of union this pair will make.

Cletus Yronwood. 23.

Son of Lord Anders the Bloodroyal, Ser Cletus is known to be always laughing, and even despite his lazy eye, he is handsome and highly charismatic. Randy and lively, he is always one to happily accept a duel and take a maiden girl as his prize, knowing his future inheritance as Warden of the Stone Way keeps his pockets filled with coin and bed filled with women. Close friend of Quentyn Martell and William Wells, Cletus is certainly the leader between them.

Nymella Toland. 42.

Ruling Lady of Ghost Hill, Nymella has not lived an easy life. Once a suitor to Oberyn Martell as a teenager, she soon found herself instead in the arms of his uncle Prince Lewyn, and remained in Sunspear as a lady to Princess Elia. She was there when Elia was made wife to Rhaegar, and remained as Lewyn's secret paramour even after he took the vows of a Kingsguard. Living in the Red Keep under the Mad King's rule was a long one, and once Lewyn was sent to fight in the War of the Seven, she and her unborn son Maron fled back to Ghost Hill. Though a woman who has taken many lovers since she lost Prince Lewyn, she rules her home with an iron fist -- even going so far as to name her daughters her legitimate heirs, and keeps the secret of their father as well hidden as she did Lewyn.

Maron Sand. 21. Maikel Castro

Son of Nymella Toland, Maron's true father has been a mystery since she first returned from King's Landing swollen with child. Or perhaps it isn't such a mystery at all -- not once you look to all the years Nymella spent as Lewyn Martell's paramour. Whatever the case, Maron Sand is a true knight, noble to the core with the hot blood of Dorne flowing through him. Though still young, he is a trusted adviser to his mother as she rules Ghost Hill.

Sidonia Uller. 48.

Daughter to the late Lord Harmen of Hellholt, Sidonia has inherited every bit of the Uller madness. Surrounded by men of her own choosing, there is none within her home that dare defy her, and even her own son bends his head to her every word. Unpredictable in nature, Sidonia can be a furiously cruel figurehead of her House one day, or she can be a sweet and laughing princess by the next morning. Though seemingly plagued with different personalities since childhood, Sidonia receives many suitors to try and win her hand... rumored only for them to disappear once behind the gates of Hellholt.

Elian Uller. 24.

A bit more lucid than his mother but no less mad, Elian is a timid boy, shy and quiet, and is rumored to have interest with dabbling in dark magic deep within the Hellholt. Some of his mother's men chide him on his submissive nature, but no doubt Elian returns to his chambers to try and cast a spell on them from afar. Intrigued by death and an aspiring master of poisons, Elian Uller is certainly not a lordling to cross.

Thalia Uller. 22.

Fancying herself a communer of the dead, small-minded commonfolk are known to flock the courtyards of the Hellholt -- if only to beg that Thalia reach out to their lost loved ones in the afterlife. Not plagued by a shifting personality like her mother or swayed by useless magic like her brother, Thalia believes she is an agent of the Stranger himself, blessed with the ability to see both the living plane and dead one. Whether she truly sees anything other than her own madness is left for others to determine.

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Willas Tyrell. 28. DECEASED.

Raised by women, it is said that Willas Tyrell would never know what it meant to be a man. It was what made him soft, yet with the sharp wit of his grandmother and the kind heart of his mother founded a man who's patience is an endless stream. The Lord to be is dutiful, studious and has a way with animals. A man who is sure of himself and is known for his kind heart, Willas is much more than a lord to be, and is renowned for breeding the finest hawks, hounds, and horses in the Seven Kingdoms.

Daenerys Tyrell. 20.

Just a couple of months younger than her nephew and future king Aegon, Daenerys has grown into the beautiful spitting image of her mother. She is all that Rhaella Targaryen could have been, were it not for the Mad King, and the Seven Kingdoms love her for it. The sister of the beloved Dragon Prince and aunt of the royal family, Daenerys is as much of a figurehead as her late mother and has the perfect combination of a woman's nurture and a warrior’s ferocity.

Garlan Tyrell. 26.

It is known that Garlan wars a smile on his face more often than not, known as the Green Knight, he truly is a child of summer. Known as a man of two, he is born the second son and he bares two things on his arms, his humour and his sword. It was why he had a personal coat of arms made for himself of two gold roses on a field of green, to show his status as a second son. He trains against three to four men in order to prepare for a true battle, yet Garlan has no interest in glory, it is why he is not as well known. However, his taste for swordplay is as much, if not as mighty as his younger brothers. A shame that now he is Highgarden's heir with Willas' death...

Loras Tyrell. 21.

The Knight of Flowers is as floushied with his wardrobe as he is with his sword, charming, with looks that always catches the eye. Loras is a highly skilled Knight and Jouster. His name was built for him over the tourneys that he has competed - and won - in. His ostentatious swordsman ship has made the young knight loved throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Beloved by the smallfolk and capable in a variety of weapons other than the sword, while courteous he is still thirsty for glory and can be short-tempered and impetuous. They believed sending him to squire in the Stormlands would help him find purpose, Ser Loras seemingly found a lot more while he was there.

Margaery Tyrell. 20.

Margaery has all the beauty of the Reach behind her, a rose in the garden admired for her grace, artistry and thorns. She is the protege of her grandmother, as sharp if not more so. However, with a more gentry tone and flourish to her words, Margaery has a way with people. The only daughter of Mace and Alerie Tyrell, she is an intelligent, shrewd and politically savvy young woman. Not to be reigned in by social norms, Margy has been getting what she wants from a young age. Manipulation is as simple to her as the common tongue, and she is not against using her womanly wiles in order to get what she wants. Never content with the ordinary, this young Tyrell is made for something more.

Baelor Hightower. deceased.

Baelor "Brightsmile" is a well adjusted and widely read man, unphase by the lack of child that has passed between his wife, the man is sure that luck and the Gods would smile upon their union in the future. A man all about family, he is at his most happiness when surrounded by them. From such a large family as his, some think it explains his lack of rush, yet none can speak of the pressures that are placed on his wife.

Rhonda Hightower. 44. Open face claim

Rhonda never believed she was made for much of anything, so the day that she was proposed marriage into the Hightowers, she could not believe her luck. Yet it was the fates fortune to fall upon that the written word can not be comprehended by her. It is a secret shame, yet she when she attempts to read the words, the letters seem to twist and coil around the page. She often sits up at night and has a servant read to her, it is her biggest shame and she fears if the family ever found out, she would be shamed out of Oldtown. So she keeps to herself, others think she is shy, but truly she is weighed by her shame. Rhonda is an exceptionally bright woman, yet constantly doubts herself because of her inability to read.

Gunthor Hightower. 32. Open face claim

Gunthor has always been a middle child, with no direct path to wander down, it was rather hard for him to find the right path. Raised mostly by his brother Baelor, who was torn between his new Lordly duties, he was the only fatherly figure the eighth child has ever experienced. They often call him "Baelor's Shadow" For wherever his brothers footsteps go, he is sure to follow. Attempting to be everything that he was effected him as he grew, finding solidarity in his family and an earthiness that is calming. He is the rock that holds the family together, and places a constant effort in making everyone happy.

Talla Tarly. 18. Open face claim

Second child of Lord Randyll Tarly and Melessa Florent, Talla and her siblings lost their older brother to the Wall shortly before her fifteenth nameday. To this day she believes Samwell chose the Night's Watch over her and their family, completely blind to the man her father Randyll truly is, and is now considered the eldest amongst her two other sisters and brother Dickon. With a sense of humor, Talla is almost always seen smiling, preferring to assume the best in people rather than accept the harsh truths. Though intellectual, all can see her head is much too far in the clouds. Or maybe she is simply so troubled inside that she hides it with all of her jests and laughter.

Meredyth Crane. 18. Open face claim

One of Margaery Tyrell's followers friends, Meredyth is light-hearted and easy-going, requiring much to be upset. She is known to always have a funny tale to tell, but at times can be hard to read and hard to get to know. Beautiful and somehow mysterious, she is quick to brush off a suitor with a kind smile and a light laugh, and has a natural sort of allure about her that she rarely knows how to use.

Arys Oakheart. 27. Open face claim

Youngest son of the late Lady Arwyn, Arys grew up surrounded by his three older brothers. With their father having passed whilst Arys was still young, it was their fierce mother and her strict household that was left to raise them. Always a boy with stars in his eyes, Arys dreamed of travel and glory, of joining the Night's Watch to defend the realm or even joining the Kingsguard to be one of the finest knights in history. He did not even want his House's seat of Old Oak, being so far from inheritance, it was not even a figment in his mind. That was, of course, until his three brothers died in the War of the Seven, and his mother was taken the year later during the Great Plague... leaving Arys the Lord of Old Oak and in a position he never thought he'd see.

Orton Merryweather. 35. Open face claim

Exiled with his grandfather Owen when the Mad King banished House Merryweather from Westeros, Orton is surprisingly well-traveled and well-spoken for a lord that was nearly lost to disgrace. When King Rhaegar restored them to their proper lands and titles, Orton returned with a Myrish wife on his arm, and took helm of Longtable only when his father passed just a few years after. He is always courteous, polite and knightly, and his swath of orange hair makes him easily recognizable. Too bad it is not a trait he has passed on to his young son Russell.

Taena of Myr. 32. Open face claim

Shapely, beautiful and dark eyed, Taena was introduced to the realms only when House Merryweather was restored to their lands and titles after the Mad King's death. There had never been any talk of her one day being the Lady of Longtable, and mother to its young heir, much less any talk of ever returning to Westeros. But she is a pretty piece for Lord Orton's arm, and there is no doubt who rules the man -if not Longtable itself- behind closed doors.

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Jaime Lannister. 36.

Lord Paramount of the Westerlands. Shield of Lannisport. Lord of Casterly Rock. Kingslayer. Rumors of a dwarfed brother having their own father slain. Of a sister whose youngest son bears more look to he than his own black-bearded father. The whole of the Seven Kingdoms claim to know Jaime Lannister, who he is and what he did to King Aerys all those years ago. But few truly understand the man, his motives, his heart and mind... and especially now that his father is dead and his murder remains unsolved, Jaime feels the eyes of his people burning into his back like never before. Still, he remains blessed with a strong House, a wife and children of his own, his half-brother perhaps more fit to rule than even he. Though the gods are cruel and the world even crueller, he is a rock in his castle of lions and has vowed to see his brother Tyrion delivered back into his hands, violently if he has to, to find the truth surrounding their father's sudden death.

Lynesse Lannister. 34.

A Hightower by birth, Lynesse has been surrounded by wealth and indulgence all of her life. Perhaps she was destined for Casterly Rock; after all, House Lannister is one of the only other houses wealthier than her own. The youngest girl of eight siblings, she is much unlike the rest of her family, preferring comfort and luxury over knowledge and power. Married to the Kingslayer, at first, did her little favors - but as time passed she bore Jaime two children, only enforcing her new position as future Lady of the Rock. Though she is not a wife who you would find sitting at her husband's council table, especially now that he is lord, she is still a bright and fun-loving woman to have at his side.

Tybolt Lannister. 17. deceased.

Raised with all the wealth of his house at hand, it is no wonder that Jaime's young son was given everything that he could ever want. With great influences surrounding him in the form of his parents, grandfather and uncle, he has learned to use his skills with the sword, the morality of his father and his grandfather's strategic ways. Leaving the love and the power of the written word from his uncle. Appearing a well rounded man, the people of the Westerlands see him as a welcomed and well awaited future Lord of the Rock.

Myrcella Lannister. 17.

The only daughter and last surviving child of Jaime and Lynesse Lannister, Myrcella has been one of the brightest delights of Casterly Rock since her birth. While she possesses a sense of gentle charm and womanly grace, she remains a true lioness, not one to shy from asserting her feminine strength and obtaining what she wishes for by any means at her disposal. As a child, she was heartily tutored by her uncle Tyrion, and it was through him did she gain her taste to reshape a world not originally meant for women. With early dreams to achieve a crown for herself, it seemed her witty tongue was more of a match to the likes of her Aunt Cersei rather than her soft Hightower mother, and while she soon realized the fallacy in hoping to be queen, it did not dampen her ambitions for her future

Ashara Lannister. 44. Anahi Puente

Revered as one of the great beauties of the realm, Ashara Dayne is as intelligent as she is attractive. With shining purple eyes and dark tresses of hair, and as sister to the Sword of the Morning, her suitors came by the dozen. Serving as chief lady in waiting to Princess Elia in King's Landing, Ashara spent enough time at court to learn their ways, speak their language, and even dress like them. Kept unmarried, she eventually became a bargaining chip to help keep Dorne in line after the death of Elia and Lewyn Martell, and was swiftly betrothed to Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock. It wasn't always an easy union, but she and Lord Tywin seemed to have found an easy rhythm that none could have seen coming. Ashara was happier than she might have expected at Casterly Rock, and raising her two children, Tycen and Alea, gave her a sense of peace she never dared hope for. Now with Lord Tywin gone, leaving Ashara a widow, her future is as uncertain as it once was all those years ago.

Tycen Lannister. 19.

Tyce was an unexpected joy to befall Casterly Rock. He was the only child to inherit his mother's dark locks, and his father's gold flecked eyes of green. Tywin never did want another child, but he could hardly complain when it was Tycen that came along. He seems to be the only child these days that doesn't bear at least a touch of his late father's scorn, patient and calculating instead of bitter and judgemental. Like his predecessor, however, his smiles are rarely seen, and many think he is another Tywin Lannister in the making. Since the death of his nephew Tybolt, it is Tycen who has succeeded him as the heir of Casterly Rock, and will be taking Sansa Stark as his lady wife.

Alea Lannister. 18. Emilie Nereng

A girl prone to fantasies and wanderlust, it seems Alea has taken after her wild and (and missing) uncle Gerion Lannister. Only when the girl has a song on her lips does she seem to be able to focus, and though nowhere near as clever as her uncle Tyrion or calculating as her father, there are stars shining behind Alea's eyes that her parents fear nothing will be able to sate. With her golden hair and a piercing purple gaze, Alea almost looks like a Targaryen herself. Betrothed to Prince Valarr, her parents only pray she will find a calmer temperament before the marriage. The fear of what she might get into at court is almost too much to handle.

Tyrion Lannister. 29.

When his brother joined the Kingsguard, it should have been Tyrion that was named heir of the Rock. But Tywin avoided that formality at all costs. The realm knows how little Lord Tywin tought of his dwarf son, and some rumor now that it was by Tyrion's hand that Lord Tywin lost his life. It's impossible to fathom why he wasn't thrown into the sea at birth, like his father had mentioned so many times before. But Tyrion is a Lannister, even if he is seen as the least of them. Too few appreciate how truly brilliant a man he is. Tyrion has a mind that might well be sharper and more attuned to ruling than his late father's, whom he never had a true relationship with. But with so much sarcasm creeping out in his words, it's almost an easy thing to miss.

Gregor Clegane. 36. Open face claim

Nearly eight feet of solid muscle, Gregor Clegane is the behemoth of a man that none want to meet on the battle field. With the ability to wield a double handed great sword with a single hand, Ser Gregor had a reach rivaled by none, and even retains the ability to use a shield. The mountain that rides, they call him, and it is truly an apt description. The man is cruel, and as unwavering as a mountain. The only person in Westeros that he bowed to willingly was Tywin Lannister, and now with the Warden dead, Gregor is one of the many uncertainties that will soon need a new leash.

Sandor Clegane. 32.

The Hound, while he did inherit some of the unnatural size of Clegane men, is best known for the burn scars that cover half his face. As a child he was held over the coals of a fire by his brother, for stealing one of his toys. Sandor is known knight, but that never stopped him from becoming a truly formidable foe. He's a man that answers to none, but at least he is more reasonable than his brother. Sandor is easily the only person in the whole of Westeros that isn't afraid of Ser Gregor.

Gareth Crakehall. 19. Open face claim

At only seven and ten, the seat of Crakehall has already been thrust into young Gareth's hands. Though none doubt him too much, he has become a patriarch before he has even become a knight, and there are some who are rightly worried for the House. The sudden death of the boy's aged father left the household stricken and unprepared, because they know his heir perhaps might not yet be ready for the title he left behind. With two younger brothers that are constantly making trouble, and council members who wish to use him, Gareth finds himself stretched impossibly thin. Will he find himself and discover the strengths he was born with, or lose himself in his grief and the demands of his new position?

Lyle Crakehall. 38. Open face claim

Regarded as perhaps one of the strongest living men in the Seven Kingdoms, Lyle "the Strongboar" is likely the most loyal of supporters to his nephew Gareth. Though many doubt the boy and even seek to control him, Ser Lyle protects and advises him, and honors his late brother by continuing to train him in the practice yards, as well. He even assists in the taming of his two younger nephews, as voracious as they are, and is expected to be the man to one day knight the new Lord of Crakehall in the coming months.

Elena Kenning. 18.

Unimaginably beautiful, graceful and alluring, Elena is the only daughter of House Kenning of Kayce. Out of three brothers, she has been raised to somewhat of a pedestal by the men in her family, her innocence fiercely protected from the many suitors that come her way. Or, so they think it is protected. What they do not know is that their beloved sister is a seductress all on her own, having long since learned how to use her beauty and her sharp wit to her own advantage... even going so far as to ensnare her youngest brother in her grips. Though there are arrangements in the works to betroth her to the new Lord Gareth Crakehall, that does not stop Elena from continuing her pursuits elsewhere until then.

Jeyne Westerling. 19.

While she might be from an old and noble house, it is one that has suffered since their gold mines ran dry. In an attempt to balance their finances, her father Gawen, married a merchant's daughter by the name of Sybell Spicer. It is from their union that Jeyne was born. While a pretty enough girl, Jeyne has always been considered fairly average. She is a tall thin girl with chestnut curls and brown eyes. Once, Jeyne might have been a match for one of Kevan Lannister's sons, had her mother been of better birth. But her misfortune isn't something that hardened her heart. Jeyne is a girl that is shy, and ultimately kind to all.

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Edmure Tully. 26. Open face claim

When his mother Minisa Whent died giving birth to him, it was his sister Catelyn who stepped up as a mother-figure to Edmure. To this day, he regards her as such. Edmure is a man who is eager to prove himself. He wants to make his father proud for more than the accomplishment of having been born. Edmure always thought he had time. Everyone thought that Hoster Tully would live forever. The man kept on going through all of the wars and trials in his life. But at the twentieth birthday of his only son, Hoster's health began to fail. It was then that Edmure began to step up as Lord of Riverrun, and now, with his father but a ghost in his halls, Riverrun and all of its demands have fallen completely onto Edmure's shoulders.

Brynden Tully. 60. Open face claim

Instilled with a notable prowess since childhood, Ser Brynden "the Blackfish" is a skilled and experienced warrior, having faced combat in every war in the Seven Kingdoms since the Ninepenny Kings. Though brutal with a sword, he is a kind and honorable man, upholding the bonds of his family nearly above all else. Despite having taken his own coat-of-arms, Brynden was never estranged from his House, and is young Edmure's largest supporter in the face of Lord Hoster's quickly-fading health.

Cleos Frey. 32. Open face claim

The oldest son of Emmon Frey knows that the closest thing he will ever see to the Twins is a hole in the wall. His uncle Stevron has more than provided a male legacy for House Frey. Some might argue that his Lannister blood makes him the superior candidate, but Cleos is very much his father's son. He's a tall thin man who is nervous to the very core. He has little patience for the hustle and bustle of court. He far prefers nobles in the Riverlands, Vale, and North. Life is quieter north of King's Landing, and that is just how Cleos likes it.

Lyonel Frey. 30. Open face claim

Lyonel is the Frey that doesn't exactly care for his father's house. At ten Lyonel was sent to foster at Casterly Rock with his late uncle Tywin. He became his uncle's squire and was raised alongside his cousins. Most prefer to ignore that he has Frey blood. He's been such a prominent fixture at Casterly Rock that he seems more Lannister than anything. Indeed Lyonel is a boy that took very strongly after his mother. Many say that his tongue is sharper than his blade, though he did train under his uncle Tygett. Lyonel certainly has the skill to reflect his training.

Patrek Mallister. 25.

The only son and child of Lord Jason, Patrek has just been newly knighted, and looks eagerly to the future when he will one day rule his House's seat of Seagard. He is zealous in his training and methodical in his academics, and sometimes the maester is heard wondering if the boy somehow found a way to cheat through his work so that he could return to his longsword in the yards. Now a knight in his own right, Patrek has little need of quill and parchment, and spends much of his time in the company of his new betrothed. Some even wonder if he's already deflowered the poor girl.

Carellen Smallwood. 19. Open face claim

Only surviving child of the Lord and Lady of Acorn Hall, Carellen is wildly curious and at times even flighty, the type to wander for hours before realizing she's lost her way. Modest and kind, Carellen has a quiet sense of beauty, one that her parents hoped would be truly appreciated in her betrothal to the heir of Seagard. It seems Ser Patrek has, for now, been the only thing to anchor the extremely inquisitive girl. Her parents just pray her curiosity does not lead to losing her innocence too soon.

Pierre Piper. 18. Open face claim

Pierre is the youngest in the Pinkmaiden castle, and known throughout the lands for the jovial kick in her step, and the unusual, siren like quality to her voice. Her fame started when, taken by drink she stepped atop a tavern table and best the bard at his art. Yet her talent only materializes when she is befuddled with liquor. So now, the future lady of Pinkmaiden is often encouraged to raise her glass. If only for the betterment of the town.

Brynden Blackwood. 28.

Brynden, where he was not blessed in some areas is more fortunate in others. With the air of a gentle giant about him, and blessed with handsome features, it seems the gods have blessed the Bracken lord. Yet, unfortunately, he falls down in the articulation area. Sure of himself within his family, he is his own worst enemy when it comes to self doubt and uncertainties. He needs a strong hand to stay his side and fill him with the confidence that a man of his station requires... perhaps now he will find it in his new union to Beth Cassel, beloved ward of Rickard Stark and daughter of Winterfell's master-at-arms.

Bethany Blackwood. 19. Open face claim

Beth has been sickly since the day she has been born, the maesters not knowing if the child would live through the first hour or not. Yet she did, with a quiet determination and a will to live, Bethany made it. Sheltered within the castle walls, even the smallest speck of dust could make her bedridden for weeks. It has only been recently that she has been allowed to step into the outside world. With her brothers a constant shadow, it is only a speculation for how long the sweet, and demure girl can make it on her own before returning to her sickbed.

Catelyn Bracken. 16.

Lithe and willowy, Catelyn is a young jewel in her own right, and as the middle child, is one of the quieter ones out of her four other sisters. She was gifted with a talent for painting, however, a skill her father absolutely adores, and she has an elegance about her that is not often seen in young women in her age. If only her family knew the truth; that she beds her cousin Hendry -eleven years her senior- almost every night when her father sleeps, and has done so since she was just barely flowered. Perhaps Catelyn is not as quiet and modest as she seems.

Hendry Bracken. 27. Adam Cowie

Nephew of Lord Jonos, Hendry is a tall, handsome knight, yet for some reason has turned away every offer for a wife given to him. To most, he seems noble and reserved, almost mysterious that some cannot help to be drawn to him. Still, he keeps them all at arm's length - all but one. Catelyn Bracken, his own cousin, has every bit of Hendry kept for herself. Though he slips into her bedchambers at night almost daily, it is not without a constant pang of guilt in the back of his mind - she is so much younger than he, almost too young, and he knows his uncle would have him hung if he ever discovered them. Still, it takes one look from Catelyn for him to fall all over again under her spell.

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Elbert Arryn. 41.

Elberts position as Lord of the Eyrie was one that he had to fight for nearly every day. First, civil war broke out - with the Lords of the Vale either fighting for his claim or that of Denys Arryn. Finally, with the support of Denys' heir Caspar, they brought the region into peace. Though he endured hard to be lord, Elbert is a man that wasn't always cut out to be a father. Yet he's learned how to embrace it over the years, despite having only taken Lysa Tully as a wife for political gain. Seventeen years later, though, all anyone can hope is that his less than monogamous past won't bite them in the ass too much.

Lysa Arryn. 36.

Once promised to the heir of the Lannister fortune, it was all snatched from her grasp once he had been assigned to the kings side. Now, Lysa is sure to seize every opportunity in her path. Engaged to Elbert soon after, Lysa is an incredibly strong woman, it proved from the difficult betrothal Elbert put her through. Since they have been wed, the two are close companions. Lysa has proven her worth in Arryn standards ten times over, from the damage that her husband has done, many of the small folk flock to her ear instead, and some say that the Lady of the Vale would not have it any other way.

Samwise Arryn. 18.

Born from years of a fruitless marriage and a line of stillborns, Samwise was a difficult birth. Born with Tully colouring and eyes the colour of a summer lake, the superstitious sort believe him better for it. For with this, the weakness of the Arryns did not seem to dwell in his veins. Long since surpassing the master at arms, it is rumoured that hedge knights now travel from across the realms to face the Arryn heir. As bold as the sharp cut of his blade, with a smirk that invites trouble. There is hope that strength is returning to the Vale in the form of its heir.

Elyse Arryn. DECEASED. arrika wolf

Elyse is every piece the Arryn her father is before her, with a face that is as easy to read as the clouds in the sky. It was where her mind often wanders, dreaming of far off places and tales that are yet to be weaved. Elyse had never left the Vale, sheltered like a Princess in the tower, she has no perception of the outer world. Which, in turn has made her ideas rather fanciful, now betrothed to Tybolt Lannister, the young Falcon has a lot more to learn about the world then what she had originally thought.

Caspar Arryn. 39

Born of the Gates of the Moon, Caspar grew up a quiet child, more intent to the silence that surrounded the walls of the Keep than he was with his own voice. Few even said there was not a mean bone that lined the Arryn's frame, they said that the children would run rings around him if it was not for his wife. Only bearing two daughters before she died, the lord of the Gates of Moon remains unwed. Believing that Lorra will truly be the only heir that he requires. His quiet faith lay in his last remaining daughter, the loss of his eldest Sharra hardening the dedication to his work and is seemingly the only thing that keep this man together.

Sharra Arryn. Deceased.

Born two years after the marriage of her parents, Sharra is rather demure in nature and overly romantic in her whims. Named for her ancestor the queen regent of what used to be the Vale kingdom, the girl unfortunately does not possess as many wits as her namesake, and excels at paltry things like song writing and embroidery. Living such a sheltered life in the Vale has certainly taken its toll, for since having been sent to serve the fiery Princess Visenya as lady in waiting, culture shock and warped traditions are slowly beginning to take the shy girl over.

Lorra Arryn. 17.

Headstrong and quite a deal louder than her sister and father combined. Lorra has a head for numbers, they come easily to her and the mathematics of any equation is seemingly effortless to her. With more heart to being heir of the Gates of Moon than her sister, Lorra dedicates the entirety of herself to the lessons her father gives. Believing that Sharra will soon be wed and the Gates will be left in her capable and eager hands.

Petyr Baelish. 34.

Petyr Baelish is a man who had to work long and hard in his rise to power. Without an ally in the Red Keep, it was a long road of creating brothels, and amassing a list of secrets to aid him. At a young age, Petyr learned the true value of a secret. Knowing the right things could go farther than a coin could. Petyr is an innovative man who recreated his own house. Nobody knew the name Baelish outside the Vale - and even there it was uncommon. Now it is a name known far and wide. Petyr is easily one of the most effective deputies beneath the Master of Coin, manipulating his way through the ranks and gaining favor with the King with every opportunity. It is nothing of the unknown that he aspires to be the next Master of Coin, and will perhaps do anything to see it happen.

Mara Waynwood. 17.

With a linage that is said to be as old as time itself, Mara certainly has a lot to live up to. Especially since she is the only child that spurned from her parents marriage. With the new law, Mara has recently come into her title. It is said that this lady Waynwood has a certain taste for gold, nicknamed the Dragon of Ironoaks, it is known that any merchant to come to her hold with the metallic goods that her heart hungers for will be let within. What she is hording it for, no one can be sure. But others are sure that the hold under the keep is beginning to glow like a second sun, and where it attracts wealthy merchant, it also attracts thieves in packs. Yet she has a way to horde them off, not verbally spoken and a secret kept only to herself. So far no thieves have penetrated the gates of her hold fast, and none but the lady herself can explain why.

Taylar Corbray. 22.

With a demeanour that is sweet as honey, all of the people in her family sing the young Taylar's praises. Of the charity work that she does for the poor, the public eye she is looked up to. Mothers want their daughters to be her and the fathers want their sons to be lucky enough to marry a genuine soul like that. What most people don't know, to the private eye, that she has a rather long list of lovers, many exes and few current. Still unwed and with a barrage of men scrambling to ask for her hand, there is certainly a side to this liege that is hidden, or does not get to tell the tale.

Gerold Grafton. DECEASED.

Lord of Gulltown and Master of Coin to King Rhaegar, Gerold is as crafty as they come. With a gentle demeanor but sharp wit, it is no wonder the Iron Throne's coffers have flourished with his oversight in the past seventeen years. Having earned the seat shortly after King Rhaegar's ascension, he has done nothing but prove himself on all levels, and while he remains unmarried, it seems he enjoys the company of his record books more than he does his paramours. Though an ally of the crown, it is usually Gerold to speak up in council meetings, making sure not a single copper is spent in the wrong place.

Harrold Hardyng. 18.

At only sixteen, the heir to Hardyng Hall has already made a name for himself. They call him the Young Falcon, and many whisper that he already fathered a bastard daughter at the Ironoaks. Others insist that his aunt Anya never would have allowed that. The world knows that Isla Waynwood has eyes for him, but Harry has stood still long enough to think of one female for long. There is certainly a broken heart in the making.

Ethan Royce. 32.

Ethan Royce, the brother of the late Bronze Yohn, is a mean bastard by nature. Having fought in and survived the rebellion twenty years ago as part of the Vale's forces, Ethan has always been tough on his squires, demanding the best or else they should face harsh punishment. This tendency transferred to the raising of his children and the treatment of his smallfolk, making him a feared if not reviled member of House Royce.

Noah Royce. 22.

Noah Royce, son of Yohn, was raised against his natural instinct. On the outside he is the epitome of a young House heir, prolific in swordplay and riding. Secretly, however, Noah wishes he could have been a traveling bard, seeing the land and learning the songs of the people. His smooth voice has woo'd many a village girl's heart to offer themselves to him, but he has remained pure for whomever his father chooses for him to wed, hoping his bride to be has done the same.

Lola Royce. 18.

Lola is the girl that has all the fight her brother lacks. While her mother laments over who they might marry such a headstrong girl off to, her father beams with pride. It is to the north that they look, hoping for a strong House to marry her into. There have been discussions with Lord Karstark, but Lola is in no hurry to be bartered off. No, she still hopes to go to King's Landing as one of Princess Visenya's ladies. She'd rather meet a dragon than a potential husband.

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Rickard Stark. 66

Stolid, fearsome and cold, Rickard Stark has ruled as Warden of the North and Lord of Winterfell for at least forty years. He has presided over a diminished House, over multiple wars, and has finally seen his family blossom into greater numbers than it once had when he was young. Now further on in years, he is still a fully capable and formidable warrior, and carries Ice as easily as he did as a young lord. With magic returning to the realm in the form of direwolves and dragons and apparently dead men who walk, Rickard is only trying to keep his own family and his own realm stable and safe for the coming winter.

Lyarra Stark. 60.

A Stark in her own right, Lyarra is one of the two daughters of Rodrik the Wandering Wolf, a man who eventually disappeared on one of his many ventures to Essos and never returned. Married to her first cousin Rickard at sixteen, Lyarra has ruled as Lady of Winterfell ever since. She is as fierce as the North and as cold as her husband, but like any woman, has a softer and more nurturing side deep within. Widely respected as the Warden's wife and the mother of the Queen, Lyarra is as lovely as she is powerful.

Brandon Stark. 40.

Known as the Wild Wolf in his youth, Brandon was born in the warmth of summer and carried the spirit with him until he was well past a teenager. An eternal thorn in his father's side but a favorite of his siblings, Brandon has always, above all things, centered himself around his family. Wild and reckless he may have been, but the Stark lord has wizened over the years and with his long-term wife Catelyn Tully, the two have brought even a larger pack to Wintefell. Not including the direwolves that now call Winterfell home.

Catelyn Stark. 37.

The driving force behind her Tully family, Catelyn acted as both sister and mother to her younger siblings, and worked as the healer of her father's broken heart after his wife's death. Having taken charge of her own household in Riverrun as a teenager, Catelyn was more than accustomed to her new station as Brandon Stark's wife, and was the tempering hand that finally smoothed the Wild Wolf's rough edges.

Sansa Stark. 18.

Firstborn child of Brandon and Catelyn Stark, Sansa came from her mother's womb quiet and sleeping. Her hair of striking auburn was clear even then, and when her Tully-blue eyes finally opened, they were those of a girl soon to grow into a star-struck, song-loving lady of the North. Even her direwolf is a docile and gentle beast. Though she dreams to attend King's Landing to serve her aunt Queen Lyanna, Sansa is dutifully reminded by her family where she truly belongs -- yet her whimsical heart always sings otherwise.

Wolf: Grey fur with yellow eyes.

Artos Stark. 16.

Born with his father Brandon's head of dark curls and his mother's shining eyes of blue, Artos is cold and calculating, soft-spoken and observative. He enjoys the company of his young direwolf, his comrades and even sometimes seems bashful around women, but it is Artos who dreams most of one day wielding the Valyrian greatsword Ice, of slaying the Others and their spider mounts, and bothers Old Nan for more stories of legend late at night. Though he brings amusement to his parents, Artos seems much more serious than other boys his age, especially with the gray beast at his side, and even the maester is impressed by his humility and diligence.

Wolf: Smoke grey fur with yellow eyes.

Eddard Stark. 38.

Second child of Rickard and Lyarra Stark, Eddard was -and still is- known as the Quiet Wolf of the pack. Sent to the Eyrie to squire alongside Robert Baratheon beneath the careful watch of Jon Arryn, Eddard's childhood was not shared in the wilds of the cold North like his siblings. A close and beloved brother was made out of the Young Stag, but when he returned after earning his knighthood at eighteen, his blood welcomed him back with open arms. Much loved by his father and long-term wife Wylla, Eddard is the voice of reason of the family, speaking always with honor and justice above all else.

Wylla Stark. 36.

Sensible, is the best word that can be used to describe this Stark mother. It was as though she was born to have a family, docile and reserved. Wylla has a power all her own, with a quiet authority it has long passed since she has earned her name at Ned's side. Wylla puts all of herself into everything she does, and she does it all for her family. While she is not the loudest voice in the chorus, she is always sure to let herself be heard where it counts. Enamoured with her husband since childhood, it has only made their family stronger for it.

Robb Stark. 18. Lasse Hansen

Named for Eddard's comrade and unblooded brother Robert Baratheon, the firstborn son of his father and mother Wylla is the spitting image of the Stark line. Dark haired and grey-eyed, Robb is calm, collected and resilient, and carries about him a silent confidence that is both admirable and somehow humble for a boy his age. Ever since he was young, Robb has been talking about joining the Watch and taking his direwolf with him. While the rumors trickling down from Castle Black make Robb only want to join more, they've left his family trying to persuade him to reconsider.

Wolf: White fur with red eyes.

Arriana Stark. 17.

Unlike her older brother Robb, Arriana is wild and almost volatile, her female direwolf much the same, and thoroughly enjoys the feel of a man's sword in her hand over that of a girl's toy doll. More inclined to wearing a set of chainmail than a silken dress, many people of the North have said Arriana to be filled with the well-known "wolf's blood" that runs so strongly in the Stark line. It must be, considering the direwolf almost constantly at her side. Others simply call it insolence. Either way, she is a firm reminder of her aunt and she-wolf Lyanna who used to roam the lands of Winterfell before her.

Wolf: Grey fur with dark golden eyes.

Jon Stark. 16.

In the halls of Winterfell, Jon's name has become synonymous with cautions of breaking your neck. Jon is a boy that is energetic and agile. He spends his time climbing the towers and walls of his ancient home, and letting his direwolf howl at him from down below. He takes horses into the wolfswood and races through the terrain that terrifies his mother to the very core. It's only his sister Arriana and her own wolf that can keep up with him. The two have been near inseparable for most of their lives - constantly one-upping the other's antics, and finding sticks to swing at each other when they were denied practice swords. Jon obviously lacks the decency to even try and pretend that he's not teaching his sister how to fight.

Wolf: Silvery grey fur with yellow eyes.

Elinor Stark. 19.

What her father Lord Rickard liked to lovingly refer to as the "Princess of Winterfell," Elinor was born during a time when her parents were long beyond the age thought possible to bear children. Her mother's pregnancy was guarded and her birth surprisingly smooth, and she has been her father's favorite since he first brought her to bounce upon his knee. Sweet but strong, emboldened by her own direwolf at her side, Elinor has learned to rarely accept no as an answer, and is likely a trait picked up from her elder sister Queen Lyanna.

Wolf: Black fur with bright green eyes.

Roose Bolton. 55.

When Rickard Stark called his banners for the War of the Seven, it was Roose Bolton that held off answering until the last second. He is of the belief, like many Boltons who came before, that he belongs as the head of the North. He's never thought much of House Stark, and would as soon see them burn as aid them in anything. He does, at least, understand the necessity of standing together when the Stark's words finally ring true. It's a lesson he'd do well to teach to his bastard son. While sadistic in his own right, Roose is somewhat less volatile than those before him, and over his years, has learned to hold his tongue and play his part when necessary.

Domeric Bolton. 22.

The only trueborn son of Lord Roose, Domeric is a quiet but accomplished boy. In his years squiring at the Redfort, he was known to enjoy playing harp and because of his superb riding skills, he was often jokingly though to have been born in the saddle. He is not cruel like his ancestors or even the banner he dons, and even won some renown for his talents in tournaments. He is closer with the Redfort sons than he is his own family, but that will not stop a dutiful mind like Domeric from taking ownership of what is rightfully his.

Ramsay Snow. 20.

Ramsay is the second son and younger bastard of Roose Bolton. He's been acknowledged for much of his life, but he never was legitimized. While his half brother is kind and patient, Ramsay is out in the world undoing any good that Domeric might do in the name of House Bolton. He has the ruthless spirit that House Bolton has become known for, and never hesitates to put his enemies in their place. Ramsay is known as a cruel and heartless man, who none would want to be caught alone with.

Jorah Mormont. 46.

The Lord of Bear Island hasn't exactly had an easy time of it. He married a woman that was never faithful, and (blessedly) never had a child. Little did he know his aunt was feeding her moon tea to prevent it. Perhaps it would be a bad thing had it not assured that a bastard child took his name. He earned his title when his father joined the Night's Watch, and he watched his wife die of plague. The truth is that he's almost given up on happiness, and something to believe in. Jorah thinks that it just might be better to see his cousin inherit Bear Island after him.

Dacey Mormont. 25. DECEASED.

While she wears the name "Mormont" it is anyone's guess who her father really is. None dared argue with Dacey's mother in regards to the legitimization of her birth. Dacey stands as heir to Bear Island, in the case the there uncle Jorah never has children. It isn't a matter any northerner would dare question or speak out against. Dacey might be a woman, but there is nothing delicate about her. Like her mother, Dacey has a suit of armor, and has been training to fight since she was a girl. She refuses to stand aside, and watch her men die alone. She is a woman that will stand up and fight along side any army.

Alysanne Mormont. 24.

Much of her childhood was spent at King's Landing, as her mother served as the Queen's Captain to Lyanna. Back then, Alysanne was Dacey's shadow - trying tirelessly to be just like her older sister. Having been at King's Landing for so long, Alysanne developed a particular friendship with Princess Visenya. Most expect Alysanne to step up as part of Visenya's Queen's Captain one day. While every bit the warrior her older sister is, Alysanne is somewhat quieter, and more refined than her older sister.

Harrion Karstark. 22.

Having grown a full beard by the age of fourteen, "Harry" is the eldest of the four Karstark children. His two younger brothers Torrhen and Eddard are no less fierce than he is, and the lot of them make for a fine set of heirs to the frosted keep of Karhold. Imposing in size and rough with his words, Harrion wields a mighty steel axe as his favored weapon and does not shy from even the coldest of Northern winds. It seems only his youngest sibling and sister Alys can bring out a softer, more affectionate edge to the Karstark sons.

Jonelle Cerwyn. 30.

Once her father died of his drunken wounds at the Tourney of Harrenhal, it was her younger brother Cley to succeed him. There were not enough words to describe the embarrassment they felt from the death of their patriarch, but when Cley himself died in the War of the Seven, it left only Jonelle to inherit her family's namesake. Supported by Queen Lyanna's new law, she now rules firmly as Lady of Cerwyn and has turned her once empty castle into one pouring with guests, suitors and diligent servants to adhere to her every whim.

Beth Cassel. 18.

The only daughter of Winterfell's master-at-arms, Beth has lived her entire live within its walls, learning and growing alongside all of the Stark children. Though closest in friendship to Sansa and the girl's more glamorous routine, Beth has a certain relationship with all of the Stark siblings, considering them as her own brothers and sisters. That is, of course, except for Robb, eldest son to Eddard and Wylla... she cannot help but feel a hot flush in her cheeks whenever he's near.

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Balon Greyjoy. 44.

Becoming Lord of Pyke only upon his father's murder, Balon has led a betrayed, battered and angry people since his first day of lordship. After recovering from damages left by his father's ill-advised alliance with the Blackfyres, Balon regained his strength and his numbers and came to call his people to rebellion once more. This time, in the name of the Ironborn. Having already borne two sons and a daughter off of his wife Alannys Harlaw, he left her pregnant with his fourth child and was consequently never seen again. Not for the next fifteen years. Taken hostage by the Velaryon fleet at the height of his rebellion, Balon has lived as a captive of the Iron Throne, his life in trade for the obedience of the people he left behind. It has only been recently that Lord Greyjoy was allowed to return home.

Alannys Greyjoy. 40.

As a Harlaw, Alannys spent most of her life in the shadow of her younger sister Elaena. She was always the softer of the two. She was the girl that still dreamed of the green land, and failed to see quite what was wrong with their way of life. She never wanted it for herself, but she wouldn't condemn it either. She surprised the world when she married Balon Greyjoy and made a name for herself. Alannys quickly became known as a strong woman who wouldn't let other control her life. She's been the only woman in Balon's life ever since she let it be known that she wasn't going to tolerate the presence of his salt wives, and has raised their four children together mostly on her own since her husband's capture.

Rodrik Greyjoy. 21. Ben Barnes

True to his namesake, Rodrik is a rare Greyjoy that values an education and knowledge above battle and bloodshed. As a boy he was no stranger to the way history went in the Iron Islands. They would swing one direction, and embrace their culture. They would break from the mainlands and descend into another rebellion. But, inevitably, a reasonable mind would emerge and renew ties with the main land - only to make way for the next rebellion. By the age of fifteen he understood which direction the Iron Islands were going, and he prepared himself for it. After House Greyjoy's part in the Blackfyre rebellion, he knew they would need to mend a few bridges if they expected to survive this point in their history.

Donel Greyjoy. 20.

Much unlike his older brother Rodrik, Donel is hot-headed and impulsive, certainly to fault. Almost following in the footsteps of a father he hardly knew, he is a strong believer in the Drowned God and his Old Ways. Not one to want to take a knee to any great lord, Lannister or Stark, Donel makes even his sister Asha look reasonable. With Lord Balon's recent release from his imprisonment in King's Landing, many of House Pyke know the likely troubles Donel will soon cause. Theon, the youngest boy at sixteen, is the only one that doesn't seem to grasp his brother's flaws.

Asha Greyjoy. 18.

Asha Greyjoy is a fearsome girl with a spirit that will not be tamed. Though raised by her mother, Asha is more alike her absentee father than both of her older brothers combined. She commands her own fleet of ships, and there isn't a man in the whole of the Iron Islands foolish enough to argue with her. Many say it is Asha who should lead the family. But even she has faith in her older brothers. Iron as she is, Asha understands the value of knowledge as well as the axe. She knows that a balance is needed for true strength. It just so happens that her true passion lay in the latter.

Theon Greyjoy. 17.

Torn between his older sister and his brother Donel, Theon is the Greyjoy that has yet to let his colors fully show. He grew up in a world of privilege, and even without the guidance of his father, all he had to do was take what he wanted. Theon never truly knew responsibility or hardship and perhaps in some ways, it makes him soft. Yet when his brother Donel speaks of revolution, he hangs on every word, and lets himself get excited and dreamy. But he can't help but admire his sister's strength and surety. It is anyone's guess which direction the youngest Greyjoy will go in. Though it seems what he truly needs is to get out of the Iron Islands, and get a taste for the rest of the world.

Rodrik Harlaw. 39.

Called "The Reader" by his men and fellow ironborn, Rodrik has spent most of his life behind his library doors with his books and tomes. Having barely survived his drowning as an infant, the man has been largely considered to be meant for all things green rather than iron, and has even suffered the brunt of long-term insults amongst the Iron Islands. When one of his men ended up kidnapping a lady of the Queen during one of their raids, it was Rodrik who took her from him - only to fall in love with her instead of returning her to her family. Earning himself a shattered knee and a broken nose when Rickard Stark and Queen Lyanna came looking for her, Rodrik managed to walk away with his lady still on his arm. It seems since then, Lord Harlaw's people have fallen in line behind him.

Alaena Harlaw. 34.

The product of a marriage between a Braavosi noblewoman and the robust Lord Penrose, Alaena lived a life filled with luxuries of her mother's homeland, and even grew up to speak with a foreign accent after so long of living under her mother's Essosian guidance. Chosen as a lady-in-waiting to the new Queen Lyanna upon her ascension, she served as a close companion until a fateful day where Alaena and her party were abducted by Harlaw raiding men. Taken as a hostage under Rodrik Harlaw, the two formed an inconceivable love for each other over time, and after the interference of Rickard Stark and the Queen, and even the death of Rodrik's first wife, the two were able to finally marry in peace.

Kristoff Pyke. 19.

Being the firstborn of Lord Rodrik Harlaw never did Kris any favors. As a boy, he was looked down on for his parentage. He was born a few short months before his parents married, and never was legitimized. But it was clear from the start that this boy had something his father never did. At his drowning, he came up, screaming defiantly, in spite of being barely more than an infant. He slowly gained respect after that. It was a long road and led Kris to developing more than a few anger issues. But at least there is one member of the main branch of Harlaw that commands the respect of the men. He might not be heir to the Ten Towers, but it is Kristoff that wields their ancestral sword Nightfall.

Eiya Harlaw. 17.

Moreso than her other siblings, Eiya is just like her father. She never was content with the Iron Islands. She disliked the dreary terrain, and hated being at sea. She thought raiding was unnecessarily cruel, and dreamed of marrying a lord of the mainland. Rodrik knew from the start that his only daughter wasn't fit to be a Rock Wife. Don't think that means she's green through and through. Eiya has some iron deep inside of her. But her fanciful tales don't tell her just how green they come on the main land. One can only hope that her husband isn't too soft - because this is one lady that will chew him and and spit him out.

Aaric Harlaw. 15.

Heir to The Ten Towers. Aaric loves the idea of his inheritance, his title, and being a proper lord. Unfortunately, the ironborn don't feel the same way. Aaric is a lot softer than his brother. He's good at putting on a show and being who he needs to be. By standards of the green land, he's tough … by ironborn standards? Not so much. Aaric is too easy-going to be properly ironborn. It's a good thing Aaric is so close to his older brother - between the two of them, Harlaw should be in good hands.

Greydon Goodbrother. 18.

Although young, Greydon has learned much and more in his short years, living most of his life in the direct cast of his late father's shadow. As a triplet, he had his two identical siblings Gormond and Gaige following his own heels, and though Greydon was but a few minutes older in comparison, it was he who was considered the leader of the three of them. Not completely made of iron and salt, the young Lord of Hammerhorn recognizes the need for his people to overcome and perhaps even forget their Old Ways in favor of a stronger, more civilized and educated populace. His uncle Rodrik "The Reader" Harlaw is one of his greatest supporters in this idea.

Lilith Farwynd. 18.

Doubt has always surrounded this family, from the blood in their veins to the gods they worship. They are descendants of the First Men, and many whisper that they are skinchangers. They say they slip in to the skins of seals and rare times whales of black and white. Alas, you will never hear a Farwynd admit to these powers. They are a quiet family who often keep to their own, and they all wonder if Lilith Farwynd, heiress to the Lonely Light, will be any different from her predecessors. They say she was fostered on the mainland as a child with one of the Northern lords, though its anyone's guess if it's true. None of the ironborn have even test met the girl. It was at the age of sixteen that she returned to the islands to embrace her inheritance, and for the past year has ruled with her mysterious powers both above and beneath the sea.

Triston Farwynd. 26.

House Farwynd always was considered a bit odd. Seaslkin Point is home to the only weirwood tree in the whole of the iron islands. The blood of the first men might flow in his veins, but Triston Farwynd has always been a proud ironborn sailor. The same doubt surrounds him as the rest of his kin. He's considered an oddity - rumored to be a skin changer. If it is true, it would certainly explain the man's prowess on the sea. He seems to know the waters as if he were a part of them. The man can predict a storm coming from miles away, from no more than the flow of the waves. At twenty six, Triston is the proud father of three strong boys, and the head of the most powerful branch of House Farwynd. More yet, he is a man in the market for another wife. Just three years prior his wife passed away trying to bring their daughter into the world.

Denys Drumm. 24.

At nearly sixty his father Dunstan doesn't seem to be ready to die just yet. Denys, the heir to Old Wyk, has all but taken over. He wields their house sword, Red Rain. The Valyrian steel blade was taken off a landed knight some generations past. It also secured a nice little target on the back of whoever wielded it. Everyone knows that House Lannister has been trying to get their hands on the former blade of house Reyne. Denys, unfortunately, isn't the most careful of people. He's reckless and violent. The young man is an advocate of the old ways. He loves nothing more than raiding. Truly, he seems only to tempt Tywin Lannister to find an excuse to take his head, and his sword.

Mae Sunderly. 15.

An odd girl, even for Iron Born standards. She has always been fascinated with death. From the time her heart stopped beating when she was drowned. The Drowned Gods halls have always called for her, it is not odd to see that after a raid, this girl is out there among the dead bodies. One almost has to strangle a conversation from her, and when she finally answers it's always of peculiar things. With lips as pale as the seemingly empty depths of her eyes, it was a blessing when she was finally betrothed to Greydon Goodbrother. As her family thought they would never convince someone to accept her hand and rather large dowry.

Castil Tawney. 40.

The Strong arm of the Greyjoy fleet. A big man, seldom messed with. He was born of salt and iron, nothing can compete with his strength and little choose to. Marred with scars and muscles that would compete with the head winds of even the mightiest storm, Castil is often referred to as Balon's dog. Loyal to no fault and will set his eyes upon any sight that his master deems worthy. With Balon now gracing the shores of the Iron Islands once more, his idleness over the years has to be questioned. Now he has had no master for years, others are speculative on what will happen when the master calls for his pet once more.

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Cotter Pyke. 45.

Elected to be the 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch since Jeor Mormont's death, the roughly-spoken, illiterate and fairly violent bastard from the Iron Islands is certainly no underdog. Having commanded Eastwatch-by-the-Sea for years before and a hardened veteran of many battles, he has long since earned the trust and loyalty of his sworn brothers, and promises to see the disappearance and death of Jeor Mormont rightfully avenged. How successful his strategies to confront the wildlings and the walking dead, however, will be left for the old gods to see.

Jeor Mormont. 71.

As the realms fractured into the war of the seven, Jeor Mormont abandoned his title, abandoned his lands, and joined the Night's Watch. He left Bear Island in the hands of his son, Jorah, along with their house sword Longclaw. It is a decision he has yet to regret. Jeor had long since tired of the petty squabbles of the different regions of Westeros. Once a member of the Watch, he quickly rose in the ranks before becoming Lord Commander. The decision was only natural, really. He was easily the man on the wall with the most experience ruling anything. A long time friend of the Watch, Jeor is a man who has long been concerned about their declining power, and intends to use his position to aid it however he can. With his disappearance and presumed death in 302 AC, the Night's Watch has been left to face the coming winter without their most stalwart protector.

Benjen Stark. 34.

Once a son of Winterfell, later the ward of the Sword of the Morning, Benjen Stark is a man who has seen a great deal in the world. He carried the banners of House Stark when they marched on the Mad King, and remained in the city with his sister thereafter. By the age of eighteen, Benjen was looking for a new adventure in life. That had been his life since he was a boy - always getting into trouble, and looking for something new and exciting. The Wall was the natural choice. There never was a boy who loved the tales of passing men of the Watch more than he. At the age of thirty, Benjen was made First Ranger. Together with Lord Mormont, he has helped make vital changes to the way the wall is run. Or, at least, did... for his disappearance during a ranging beyond the Wall in 300 AC has only left the Night's Watch with a deep-rooted fear that perhaps winter is truly coming after all.

Maester Aemon. 103. Open face claim

Aemon Targaryen, the man who might have been king, has served on the wall for so long, that most have forgotten that he was once a member of house Targaryen. At over a hundred years old, Aemon is blind, frail, and hard to hear. But the men of the watch value his advice enough to fall silent to hear it. While his body may fail him, his ears and mind have not. Aemon is a man who is wise, humble, and truly capable. He is a man who knows his place in life, and offers his loyalty accordingly. He is a man who abandoned a title, his family, love - even the possibility of standing as Grand Maester some day. Whatever he might have left, Aemon leaves to his brothers of the Watch.

Bowen Marsh. 33. open face claim

The crannogman never was much for fighting. Growing up under the guidance of house Reed, Bowen Marsh joined the watch at sixteen years old. He had grand ideas of greatness, and being a warrior. But that never quite panned out. Now, the man stands as proof that there is a place for everyone in the Watch. In spite of his less than ideal swords arm, Bowen has made a name for himself as First Steward. He might not be much for fighting, but the Watch needs a great deal aside from that. Bowen is a kind and patient man with an eye for detail. There is little going on that slips past his notice.

Samwell Tarly. 18. open face claim

When faced with the choice of joining the Watch, or suffering an "unfortunate hunting accident", Sam took the first. Sam is a man who is soft to the core - weeping even to see a chicken slaughtered. After three daughters, his brother Dickon was born, it became clear that Sam would never inherit anything. On the wall, the life he knew before continues. Most of the other men bully him, just as the Redwyne twins used to. But it is not for a lack of trying. Sam truly does try! Unfortunately he's a bit of a craven. Life as a Steward has helped a great deal. Finally, Sam found something he excelled at. Now, he's just left to wish that his father let him go to the Citadel in the first place.

Denys Mallister. 24. open face claim.

For the past thirty three years, Denys Mallister has served as commander of Shadow Tower. More of his life has been spent on the wall than in his home of Seagard. Once an amiable man with big dreams, his years have turned him hard - mostly against wildlings. With his brothers of the Watch, Denys is a courteous and chivalrous man. But he is not known for his mercy with those that threaten the realm.

Qhorin Halfhand. 38. Open face claim

Qhorin is the second in command at the Shadow Tower. In his years, he has become known as "Halfhand", due to a wildling axe taking all but two fingers on his right hand. After the accident, Qhorin taught himself to fight left handed, until he was as proficient with it as he had been with his right. Among all manned castles, Qhorin is a legend, and regarded as one of the best rangers. Back before the abandonment of Mance Rayder, Qhorin was a good friend of the man - though it is not something he's known to discuss. Qhorin is a man that cares more for results than honor or his life. He's the man that will never let a brother of the Watch forget why they are there - to protect the realm.

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Halena of Myr. 20. Open face claim

Third child and daughter of aging Magister Ryllo, with dark olive skin and lustrous long hair, Halena is regarded as one of the most beautiful of the magister's children. While her father may be apart of the conclave that rules the Free City of Myr, he is not known for his wit or even his looks, and some even rumor if her mother slept with another, handsomer man to conceive her. Her family only as important as its coin, Halena can usually be found wearing the finest of silks and laces the city can offer, tailed by her three closest slaves, and auctioning her magnificent paintings to the high-paying merchants that flock the port.

Lorainna of Tyrosh. 19. Hanna Edwinson

Green-haired, tall and slender, Lorainna is the only child of the current Archon of Tyrosh. As a girl she was sent to Dorne under the patronage of House Martell, and spent a few years of her childhood with Princess Arianne in the Water Gardens. Though she is well-liked in Tyrosh, her father has often been accused of being lazy, greedy and even stupid, and with war brewing on the Stepstones, Lorainna finds herself eager to take lead where her father cannot. With envoys being sent left and right to the Iron Throne, it is only a matter of time before the Archon's daughter finds herself on one of those ships.

Tytan of Braavos. 24. Open face claim

Many laughed when the sailmender Markas named his son Tytan, as if Ragman's Harbor could ever birth anything akin to the mighty Titan of Braavos. Still, the childbirth left his mother dead in their meager shack on the seawall, and he showed no mercy to anyone growing up. With a sword in hand as soon as he could lift one, Tytan earned an ill repute (or a glorious one, depending on who you ask,) as a fierce and pugnacious bravos, prowling the wharves, harbors and isles of Braavos and leaving many bodies in his wake. To this day he can still boast of never having lost a duel, and earns enough coin for both he and his blinded father using only the point of his sword.

Merik of Volantis. 30.

From the city that thirsts of war springs Merik Lonthoro, one of the two ruling Tigers and three ruling Triarchs of Volantis. Like all those that precede him, he was picked by the people from amongst the noble families who can prove unbroken descent from Old Valyria... and he lets no one forget it. Merik's blood is as blue as it gets - so he says - and this cruel and pampered man is everything that the city thirsts for. As long as he doesn't have to do the work himself. Easily provoked into disagreement and is never one to stray from the old ways, he upholds every belief and desire of his Tiger roots, and considers himself so elevated that he is not allowed to have his feet touch the ground.

Ayrialle of Lys. 27. open face claim

Queen of the slavers, once a slave herself Ayrialle rose above the rest. The woman, buxom and with eyes the colour of the sea at dawn runs a bed slave establishment. Hidden beneath is a network of auctions and illegal gaming empire that rides off the back of her sleepy inn. Doe eyed and exuding an air of innocence, no one would ever believe that Ayrialle is the driving force behind the entire underground operation. And that's the way she intends to keep it. Rumour is that Ayrialle intends to extend her reach further, yet her secrets are kept with tight lips. But there are whispers on the wind that a war is on the horizon, and that this lady has enough bodies to command a small force. Are these words merely wind? Or is Ayrialle really more than she seems?

Aleias of Tyrosh. 20. Open face claim.

An assassin, trained and poised, many of the armies have tried to conscript Aleias for their own gain. In the pits, he is likely one of the best and upcoming fighters there are. People throw coin, their daughters, even their wives in his direction. But the lad has yet to accept anything, for he leads a second life trading coffers for lives, hired amongst the wealthiest of political and martial elites to dispose of their "problems." With eyes the colour of night and an air of mystery surrounding him, no one could be safe from him if enough coin has been paid. With no true allegiance to anyone or anything but himself, Aleias knows one thing for sure: there is certainty in silence, and it is not only what makes him easily trusted amongst his clientele, it is what has kept him alive so far. But sooner or later he will have to pick a side, for they will no doubt stop offering and quickly start demanding.

Sabellian of Lys. 18. Open face claim

A pleasure slave with all the silvery features of the Valyrian Freehold, Sabellian has spent much of his life in the pillow houses of Lys, frequenting the beds of nobles, rich merchant princes, princesses and all those in between. With a taste for both genders, there are many men and women who can say they let him ravage them during their time there, some even paying extra coin to visit him multiple times. Though always a favorite of his masters, there is a secret Sabellian keeps closer than all - he was not born a slave, but instead chose this life for himself over a birthright of wealth and nobility, for reasons any normal man would deem mad if they knew.

Haelok of Myr. 32. Open face claim

With olive skin and dark eyes, Haelok is a follower R'hllor and the newest embassy representative to be sent from Myr. His face is a mask and it is said that there is never a true emotion that flickers across it. Like the flames he worships, Haelok is manipulative and destructive. No one can be sure on his motives and even his employer is uncertain of where his loyalties lay. A snake through and through, Haelok is known for playing both sides to the quick to get what he thinks he deserves. Death is just a theory that this man is willing to try out.

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