It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has left the Free Cities of Volantis and Tyrosh in ashes, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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 Posted: Dec 17 2015, 06:44 AM
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You will notice these are the events hosted by our first rendition of this site, held years prior, and are the events that have brought to where we are present time.

281 AC:
  • Tourney at Harrenhal where first preparations are made for the rebellion, held mid 281 AC
  • Celebration of the False Spring, held at the Red Keep end 281 AC
  • Call to banners for War of the Seven, very end 281 AC
282 AC:

Beginning of 282 AC
  • Rhaegar and Lyanna disappear to Dorne
  • King Aerys orders for Kingsguard Lewyn Martell to lead 10,000 Dornish spears through the Prince's Pass and into the Reach
  • Princess Elia is spirited from the Red Keep by Kingsguard Ser Arthur Dayne and smuggled to Starfall in Dorne
  • Lord Jon Connington hides newborn Prince Aegon in his home of Griffin's Roost in the Stormlands
  • Forces under Lannister, Tully and Arryn banners gather in the Riverlands
  • The first battle is fought as Baratheon armies are split to fight the Reach to the west and travel north to King's Landing
Middle of 282 AC
  • Combination of Dornish men and soldiers from the Reach travel to the Riverlands to clash with Lannister, Tully and Arryn armies
  • Stark forces arrive at the Trident and end the battle, resulting in widespread Dornish defeat and the retreat from remaining men of the Reach
  • King Aerys sends Queen Rhaella, Prince Viserys and Princess Rhaenys on a ship to Dragonstone after defeat at the Trident
  • Royal ship is ambushed by assassin forces, resulting in death of Princess Rhaenys and permanent facial scarring of Queen Rhaella
End of 282 AC
  • Queen Rhaella gives birth to Princess Daenerys on Dragonstone, barely surviving
  • The Baratheon army storm the gates of King's Landing, opening them with help of paid guards on the inside
  • Stark and Lannister forces arrive in the rear and overwhelm the city, starting the Sack of King's Landing
  • King Aerys and Lord Rossart are murdered by Jaime Lannister in the throne room before orders can be carried out to burn the city
  • Jon Connington returns to take helm of King's Landing and summons Rhaegar to ascension
283 AC

Beginning of 283 AC
  • Rhaegar and Lyanna return from Dorne; Rhaegar assumes reign of the Seven Kingdoms
  • Ser Jaime is relieved from the Kingsguard and sent back to Casterly Rock
  • Ser Arthur Dayne returns and Princess Elia is summoned from Starfall to accept queenship alongside Lyanna
  • Princess Elia is escorted by Kingsguard Ser Jonothor Darry, but is ambushed and murdered by assassin forces on her way through the Prince's Pass
  • Ser Jonothor Darry is executed for his role in failing to save Elia
  • Rhaegar and Lyanna are married in the Great Sept of Baelor and crowned King and Queen of Westeros by the High Septon
Middle of 283 AC
  • Rhaegar and Lyanna, along with the rest of the realm, attend the wedding of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister in Storm's End
  • Lyanna announces first pregnancy
  • Another royal progress is made to Casterly Rock for the wedding of Jaime Lannister and Lynesse Hightower
  • Queen Lyanna leads first royal mission to the Iron Islands to retrieve her kidnapped lady in waiting
  • Rhaegar and Lyanna travel to Winterfell for the wedding of Brandon Stark and Catelyn Tully
End of 283 AC
  • Twin princes Matarys and Valarr are born at Winterfell
  • Royal family returns to King's Landing
  • Ancient texts revealed leading to dragon eggs on Dragonstone
  • House Tyrell hosts the historical Harvest Tourney at Highgarden
  • Blackfyre rebels are caught unawares and captured by Prince Oberyn
  • Haegon Blackfyre is poisoned and subsequently executed for his role in the murders of Princesses Elia and Rhaenys
  • The Great Plague begins, claiming Rhaegar as an early victim
284 AC:
  • A near quarter of the realm is wiped out from sickness
  • Lyanna announces second pregnancy
  • King Rhaegar recovers after a fortnight and rises to smash the armies of the Golden Company, finding the other Blackfyre claimants
  • All Blackfyre claimants are executed
  • Balon Greyjoy rises in rebellion and takes a number of settlements on the Westerland coast before being overwhelmed by the Arbor fleet in the Shields
  • Balon is taken as a royal hostage until adulthood
  • Dragon eggs are finally discovered in the Dragonmont and are distributed by the King to his children and siblings
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